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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Alligator Stew

Are part aard and half vark,
Aards play in yards while Varks play in parks,
And they both love to ride in shopping carts.

How do you eat Alligator stew?
Ask an Alligator to make it for you.
Say please when you do,
And supply your own spoon.

Bonobo’s noses,
Are for sniffing at roses,
Wrinkling at toeses,
But not for drinking from garden hoses.

Crocodile, crocodile, why do you smile?
I’ve just met a friend I haven’t seen for a while,
I’ll invite her to brunch, or take her to lunch
Or maybe I’ll have her for dinner.

The least obvious difference you'll see,
Between a Dolphin and a tortoise according to me,
Is that a tortoise moves quickly by accident,
While a Dolphin, moves quickly on porpoise.

When Elephants dance in tight stretchy pants,
Think safety and be sure they are avoided.
Keep your distance as they bend and jump and prance,
At any moment those pants might be exploded.

Flamingos are absurdly curious birds, one has heard,
So it makes one wonder to think,
Has any Flamingo ever asked of their fellows or themselves why,
Everybody is dressed in pink?

The thing to remember about riding a Hippopotamos,
Is the top side is safer,
Than the bottom is.
But not much.

You there! Alert the zoos!
Their Kangaroos have been let loose!
They're bouncing on the promenade,
Spilling all the lemonade!

Orangutans enjoy orange tang and boomerangs,
Hat stands, pots and pans, and fresh bananangs.

Be forewarned,
Never, ever, ever, ever play ring-toss,
With a Rhinoceros!
It will cheat and move it's horn.
Then never let you argue.

Zebra, a zebra, a zebra, a zebra,
A zebra, a zebra, a zebra.
A zebra has stripes of black and white
And I think this is quite all right.
But maybe, what if, those stripes were white and black,
What would I think of that?

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