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Friday, August 26, 2011

We Was Mountains

We was mountains.
We was teeth of the world.
We was jagged and sharp and cruel.
We was fearsome and smiled across the blue, blue sky.
We was biting clouds.
We was taller than birds.

Now we is elder to sand and pebbles and rocks and boulders. All stones is child to us.
We is broken, rotting, pink, granite gums.
We is scratched and ground and shattered by ice and roots and dynamite; washed and worn away by rain and wind.
We is terrible no more to chew the skies.
We is walked all over and mocked by birds.
We is swamps and bogs and lakes, remade and reshaped by beavers and men.
We is mountains no more.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Robert and Dick

An architect's office.  A man works alone at his desk.  Another man bursts in.

Dick:  "Robert!  Design me a house!"

Robert:  "Hello, Dick.  How are you today."

Dick:  "Fine Robert, just fine...And yourself?"

Robert:  "I am doing quite well as a matter of fact.  I even started working on..."

Dick: Interrupting, "Good, good.  I've got something else for you to do."

Robert:  "A house yes, I got the memo.  Listen Dick, you've hired a number of skilled interns who are drooling for a chance to design anything."

Dick:  "I want you to do it."

Robert:  "Dick, old man, you know very well I don't do houses anymore.  I've moved on to bigger and better."

Dick:  "Oh, is this beneath you?"

Robert:  "Yes, quite frankly."

Dick:  "I'm your boss!"

Robert:  "Partner."

Dick:  "Senior partner Robert and I want you on this project."

Robert:  "Why?"

Dick:  "It's a contest."

Robert:  "Oh really.  A design competition?  For a house?  Dick, seriously.  You brought a number of new interns that us senior partners, some more senior than others, are tripping over because they haven't enough to do."

Dick:  "It is a very important competition.  From the government. for a house, that can generate its own power and surplus, that can be resold.  At a profit, potentially of, well a lot of money.  And the winning firm gets a share."

Robert:  "Dick, I knew you were greedy but I never figured you for an environmental patriot too!"

Dick:  "Robert!  I need you to be in charge of this thing, do you understand?"

Robert:  "Loud and clear sir!"  Salutes, "What about this?"  Holding up his current project.

Dick:  "Give that one to the interns."  Takes a deep breath, "I'll announce this at our meeting today.  And you will be there this time."

Robert:  Saluting again.  "No-one else knows?"

Dick:  "Not even the other firms.  Not yet.  Robert..."  Exits.

Robert:  Mimicking Dick  "Robert..."  Pushes current project aside, pulls out a tennis ball and begins to bounce it off the floor.