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Monday, August 1, 2011

Robert and Dick

An architect's office.  A man works alone at his desk.  Another man bursts in.

Dick:  "Robert!  Design me a house!"

Robert:  "Hello, Dick.  How are you today."

Dick:  "Fine Robert, just fine...And yourself?"

Robert:  "I am doing quite well as a matter of fact.  I even started working on..."

Dick: Interrupting, "Good, good.  I've got something else for you to do."

Robert:  "A house yes, I got the memo.  Listen Dick, you've hired a number of skilled interns who are drooling for a chance to design anything."

Dick:  "I want you to do it."

Robert:  "Dick, old man, you know very well I don't do houses anymore.  I've moved on to bigger and better."

Dick:  "Oh, is this beneath you?"

Robert:  "Yes, quite frankly."

Dick:  "I'm your boss!"

Robert:  "Partner."

Dick:  "Senior partner Robert and I want you on this project."

Robert:  "Why?"

Dick:  "It's a contest."

Robert:  "Oh really.  A design competition?  For a house?  Dick, seriously.  You brought a number of new interns that us senior partners, some more senior than others, are tripping over because they haven't enough to do."

Dick:  "It is a very important competition.  From the government. for a house, that can generate its own power and surplus, that can be resold.  At a profit, potentially of, well a lot of money.  And the winning firm gets a share."

Robert:  "Dick, I knew you were greedy but I never figured you for an environmental patriot too!"

Dick:  "Robert!  I need you to be in charge of this thing, do you understand?"

Robert:  "Loud and clear sir!"  Salutes, "What about this?"  Holding up his current project.

Dick:  "Give that one to the interns."  Takes a deep breath, "I'll announce this at our meeting today.  And you will be there this time."

Robert:  Saluting again.  "No-one else knows?"

Dick:  "Not even the other firms.  Not yet.  Robert..."  Exits.

Robert:  Mimicking Dick  "Robert..."  Pushes current project aside, pulls out a tennis ball and begins to bounce it off the floor.

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