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Friday, July 1, 2011

How to deal with Monsters!!!

If a monster is creepily sneaking, or sneakily creeping
If a monster is rapping and tapping, or tapping and rapping,
If a monster is breathily drooling, or droolingly breathing,
In your closet, or at your door, or under the bed on the floor,
Then this is how to deal with MONSTERS!!!
Step 1: Close your eyes, lay very still, and breathe like you're asleep.
Step 2: Wait for the monster to sneak, and creep, and rap, and tap, and drool until it is right beside your bed.
Step 3: Stick out your thumb and poke it in the eye.
Step 4: Move fast! Grab the monster by the arm and stick its elbow in its ear.
Step 5: Fold the monster in half.
Step 6: Crumple the monster like a piece of paper and throw it on the floor.
Step 7: Kick the monster to the garbage can, stick it in the bottom, and call the garbage man to take the monster to the dump.

And now you can deal with monsters!

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